Specialty Offers

Over the Past 15 years, TRAKAmerica has developed the most successful recovery solutions in the industry for large banks, financial institutions, debt buyers and unique consumer finance organizations.  Our approach has provided clients with significant, long-term recovery results that far exceed alternative strategies and its  history of working with a wide breadth of inventory and product types  has provided unique insight into tackling some of the more challenging portfolio segments that lay within each book of business.  To this end, TRAKAmerica has developed refined, multi-pronged servicing approaches that help clients further maximize returns on all of their accounts.

TRAKAmerica understands the sensitive nature of certain account pools as well as the proscriptive and deliberate handling needed to work these unique segments of accounts. Our strategies can help clients to address:

  • Accounts where the consumer is represented by a Debt Settlement Company
  • Accounts where the consumer is represented by an Attorney
  • Accounts where the consumer may have previously requested that communications cease

In addition to the specialty segments listed above, TRAKAmerica has extensive experience in helping clients to streamline the existing work efforts on active legal portfolios and portfolios of dormant judgment accounts.  Whether you are looking to consolidate your direct attorney placements or are looking for additional work effort on your existing legal accounts, reach out to us to discuss potential portfolio transition services to retain your existing payment stream and optimize future recoveries.