TRAKAmerica is a Company that Spans the United States
States Covered
Collection Agencies
Law Firms

TRAKAmerica’s network of collection agencies and law firms, coupled with its industry-leading compliance management system, make it the premier company in the accounts receivable management space. Clients continually turn to TRAKAmerica to manage their recoveries for both new delinquencies as well as for aging portfolios and product lines.

Client Base

TRAKAmerica provides recovery services for clients of all sizes and delinquency types including:

  • Largest credit issuers in the country
  • Top debt buyers in the country
  • Prominent multifamily housing companies
  • Providers of education services
  • Government agencies
  • Numerous niche debt buyers and specialty finance organizations


TRAKAmerica is headquartered in Bonita Springs, FL with an additional site located in Richmond, VA.


TRAKAmerica has over 100 employees dedicated solely to managing client portfolios through sophisticated analytics and well defined process management routines.

Service Offerings

TRAKAmerica offers a host of recovery management solutions including:

  • Full scale recovery management solutions for all phases and ages of delinquency
  • Dormant judgment servicing
  • Transition services for taking over active legal portfolios
  • Agency only treatment strategies
  • Specialty treatment strategies for unique types of accounts
  • Portfolio valuation and scoring


TRAKAmerica has developed sophisticated, proprietary systems to manage our unique suite of offerings:

  • Unrivaled FASTRAK© legal selection model
  • Unparalleled data capture and insight through proprietary interfaces
  • Unlimited, real time access to account data through OnTRAK client reporting system