TRAKAmerica offers a sophisticated, nationwide delinquent tuition account recovery network offering services that range from traditional agency-only treatment to legal recovery management solutions producing superior results. We provide students with a positive experience while focusing on performance and compliance to yield results in a respectful and professional manner.

Education Experience

Our leadership has more than 20 years’ experience managing education-related receivables portfolios for lenders and, in that time, its network of collection agencies and law firms has refined processes and procedures to recover education accounts at all stages of the account lifecycle. TRAKAmerica offers insight into effective methods for maximizing account value while mitigating reputation and other associated risks.

Compliance and Controls

TRAKAmerica understands the importance of maintaining strict compliance requirements and controls to ensure that our network delivers top-tier performance while mitigating risks associated with account recovery.  Our extensive audit standards, controls and testing routines cover all aspects of the service provider relationship from consumer contact to physical and data security. TRAKAmerica has a dedicated staff devoted to conducting regular supplier audits, monitoring for compliance with laws and regulations and testing to ensure compliance with client requirements.

Reporting and Transparency

We understand that the key to success for clients includes customized reporting and full transparency into its processes and performance, TRAKAmerica provides a full suite of reporting and analytics results to provide insight to drive strategic decision-making. We provide granular account-level access to data through our secure online portal, providing clients with a firm grip on the progress of each individual account placed with the network.

Seamless Integration

Understanding the complications that arise from using third party service providers, TRAKAmerica integrates into clients’ existing business systems and processes to become a seamless extension of their operations and is committed to providing clients with the control and insight they need for strategic decision making.