Performance Management

TRAKAmerica leverages a network of specialized collection agencies and law firms equipped to meet the requirements of each client’s portfolio, ensuring the proper balance of performance and quality control.

Performance Management Team

When it comes to performance management, experience counts. Our Performance Management Team has consistently outperformed our competition for more than 15 years. As a result of our experiences over that time period, TRAKAmerica has and continually refined its programs to optimize performance and ensure the right servicers are always selected for each unique client program.

Competitive Culture

TRAKAmerica believes in healthy competition between its network partners and employs a variety of strategies to ensure the network is never complacent and always strives to improve results for our clients. TRAKAmerica’s performance management team utilizes champion vs. challenger servicing approaches and other competitive programs to driver network partners to improve performance and mitigate associated risks.

Clear and Constructive Communications

Communication is an essential factor of success and we work hard to ensure that we clearly communicate objectives and expectations to our partners and clients throughout the account recovery process. Our reports, compliance directives and performance expectations are clearly communicated through our carefully designed series of written materials and discussions.